Open Recommendation Thread

If you check the date on my last post, it's been around three years since I've even attempted to maintain my darkfic list. I just don't have time to read a lot of fic anymore. :(

Stargate darkish fics still seem to have a readership, and there are still readers joining my flist. Since many of you are more up-to-date than I am, I'd like to invite you to recommend fics to each other.

I'm sure there have been interesting fics written over the last few years, and if I get time I'll add to my categories. It would help me if any recs are accompanied by a suggested category.

Have at it! :)

Ps. Every post pushes down the fic index more. For those who can't find the fic, here's the index.

Surprise! Update!

Hi, all - I'm now working on a big update! While I was voting for Stargate Awards, I somehow got in the updating mood.

While I've been awol, my email was de-activated. If anyone sent me a nomination for a Darkfic Pick over the past several months, please send it again.

Here's a list of the what I've done so far (just ctrl+F for the *** marker):

Torture, Includes Non-Con: 1
Not Safe on Earth Non-Con: 4
Hathor Rape and Recovery: 1
Makepeace Villain Non-Con: 1
Vicious Goa'uld Shenanigans: 1
Non-Con Featuring Jack: 1
Alien Encounter Non-Con: 1
Slavery, Includes Non-Con: 1
Bad Memories, Incl. Child Abuse: 2
Spanking and Corporal Punishment: 4
Nervous Breakdowns: 1
Alpha Daniel: 1
Death Angst About Daniel: 1
Whumped on Earth (NID, Maybourne, etc.): 1

All I've done so far is a search on Area 52, and I only did a few searches tonight. Please feel free to recommend stories in the comments. The stories don't have to be slash, but they should be Daniel-centric. I would love to see more Daniel/Vala and Daniel/Cam.

Darkfic Quality Recognition

The following fics have received three or more votes for quality recognition from sgdarkfic readers:

Sinner's Grove by Martha
(Won Best Slash BDSM or Non-Con in 2003 Stargate Fan Awards)

Awakenings by Brenda and ELG
(Won Best Slash Action/Adventure in 2003 Stargate Fan Awards. Also ELG was Best Gen Author in 2001.)

An Echo of Freedom by Quinn
(Won Best BDSM or Non-Con in 2002 Stargate Fan Awards).

Waking Nightmare by Elizabeth Lea
(No awards yet.)

A Mad Wind by Mitch H
(No awards yet.)

Jack's Viking Sky by Mitch H
(No awards yet.)

These fics are highlighted in the darkfic list.

If your fic is listed here, feel free to take a Darkfic Quality Sticker:


Fics Not Included Here

For those of you submitting fics by authors from Our Stargate, particularly the OS mods, they will not be included on this list. I have only made an exception for a couple of stories that I really admired, and one of them was co-authored.

For those of you who are disciples of OS, I can't believe we're fans of the same show. In particular, OS claims to admire the values displayed by Daniel: last time I checked, those values included the search for understanding, respect for truth, generosity of spirit, choosing good over evil, and if evil has been done - recognizing and taking responsibility for those actions. By supporting OS, and in particular the mod that was allowed to use her power to publicly lie about me while I was banned to prevent me from setting the record straight, you are supporting the very behavior that characters like Daniel try to resist and fight. Some may think it's okay to compromise those values because they don't want to miss out on a popular forum: perhaps they should ask themselves if Daniel would do the same. I think not.

People unwelcome here because of ongoing mean behavior: ASHTON7 (ANNIE), JAYEM5 (JMAS, JayEm), ANKHSIGN, GRACULUS, TIVTERYN, SEANCHAIDH78, DANA_JEANNE, DREAMERLADY, GATEGRRL, LEX123UK, and GEM (Geminia905).

Collaborators - defined as people who support mean behavior and/or help with attempted bullying: EPIPHANY2003, SUPERBADGIRL(CARRIE), BARDSPINNER, NIALLA, SUEBSG9, KHEK, Julia_J1,and DANI257

User Manual

How to find a fic: Use ctrl+F on Windows, or the equivalent search function on a Mac, to try key words for the story you're trying to find. :-)

For your convenience, here's an index of the categories.

If the index appears out of order, make sure it's sorted by Description.

I use 3 asterisks to identify new fic. Thank you inyron for that terrific idea. People will be able to just ctrl+F for the 3 asterisks to find the new stuff. :-)

Many of the stories that aren't Area52 links are Gen.

Special thanks to kaitou1412 and seticat for offering supplemental lists of stories.

Please let me know if you spot any data problems: a couple of stories have mysteriously vanished, and I'm trying to figure out whether it's an LJ problem or not.


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